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Lots of people take January as a time to be healthy and make up for December’s excesses and what could be healthier than taking part in Veganuary?  If you’ve made it this far then well done!  If you haven’t started then it’s not too late… there’s still two weeks left of January!  If you want to read more on veganuary we’ve found a great website for information here.

In the mean time we thought we’d go through some of the amazing vegetables that are available at this time of year.   January is all about kale, an amazing iron-packed super food that tastes great – have a look at our recipe for recent recipe for kale crisps with rosemary salt here.  Great to eat on their own as a snack or use to add to your meal as a garnish to add another level of texture.

Carrots are another one of our firm favourites for January seasonal eating.  Crunchy, tasty and packed full of vitamin C.  Try them in juices, soups, cake or in salads to keep the winter germs at bay!