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Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Catering Companies in London

Food and drink can make a major contribution to the success of any event. From birthday parties to wedding breakfasts and corporate functions, you will need to choose the right catering company to delight your guests. Here are some questions to help you get started.

What Can Catering Companies in London Offer For Your Event?

Does the caterer specialise in your type of event?

Many London caterers specialise in catering for certain types of events. If you are booking a caterer, you should therefore ensure that they have experience in catering for the type of event that you are holding. If the catering company usually handles intimate corporate dinners, think twice before hiring them for a wedding with hundreds of guests.

Do they provide a certain type of cuisine?

In addition to catering for certain types of events, many catering companies in London like Caiger And Co. Catering specialise in providing certain types of cuisine. Some are renowned for their gourmet meals whilst others excel at serving up barbecue and buffet foods. During your initial consultation with a caterer, be clear about the type of cuisine you require and ask about their experience in delivering it to their clients.

Are they eager to please?

Your caterer should be interested in your requirements and eager to fulfil them. They should be open to suggestions and new ideas and willing to cater to dietary restrictions. If they are inflexible or unwilling to fulfil reasonable requests, consider choosing someone else.

Do they provide tastings?

If you want to ensure a caterer’s cuisine is of a high standard, request a tasting. Most caterers will prepare one for you free of charge, allowing you to assess the quality, style and presentation of their dishes before you hire them.

Is the contract clear and fair?

You should ensure the contract clearly describes the catering you have requested. For instance, if you have altered a set menu, the changes should be listed in the contract. The contract should also include a clause that details your rights in the event of a cancellation.

Once you have taken all of the above questions into consideration, you are ready to start thinking about your menu options. For an unforgettable event, work with your caterer to make your food stand out for all the right reasons.


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