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Lower Your Catering Costs With London Catering Companies

There is no doubt that London catering companies are at the very top of their game. From small workspace caterers to top end caterers, London is where the crème of the crop is.

Whilst London has the top catering companies, it is also the central hub for business events and corporate functions.

Decide How London Catering Companies Provide The Best Affordable Options For Your Event

Of course, if you plan to host a business event, you must find ways on how to leverage them to grow your business without even breaking your business budget. By making small changes in your catering costs, you can reduce your overall expenditures and improve profitability as well.

Opt for a simpler and lighter menu

The overall package of a catering service can include a waiting staff, cocktail barmen, fine wines and champagnes or even showgirls and performers. So even if your business or company has a tradition of hosting a luxurious event provided in an overall package, opt for a simpler and lighter menu.

With the recent economic condition, it would not be wise to invest a huge part of your business’ financial resources in hosting an event.

Thus, look for catering companies in London that offer low-cost meals, serves light yet bespoke food menus to satiate cravings.

You can also schedule your event after lunch or after dinner to ensure that your guests have taken their meals first. If you plan to have an event during meals, consider asking your London caterer to serve a buffet which is actually inexpensive.

When planning a buffet, think about a colourful combination to give an impression looking spread. You can consider placing canapés decorated with edible flowers and long springs of herbs. It is simple yet elegant.

Hire small catering companies 

Larger event catering services with a strong brand offer higher prices when compared to small and medium catering companies. Thus, consider hiring a small catering company. Just ensure that this caterer will suffice the needs of your event and guests enjoy a great menu.

Reduce your guest list

Surely, it will be a difficult decision to make if you have a reputation of hosting open business events. But, reducing your guest list provides a boundless impact in lowering your catering costs.

So, it is best to hold your event during office hours or weekdays where some of your employees are less likely to attend.

Less is more

London’s catering industry is well-known for its excellence and distinctiveness. Clients’ out-of-the-box ideas are made into a reality where food menus are changed seasonally.

Hiring an event caterer in London might boost your business. But, you must need to ensure that food service is guaranteed value for your money.

Luxurious food buffet may give you a professional impression but, in reality, you are financially broke.

Most often than not, London catering companies go beyond food and service. You have to be wise and street-smart in choosing the right catering company that provides stunningly gourmet food and deliver superb waiting service.

Learn more by talking to our catering expert now.


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