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How to Choose the Perfect London Caterer for Your Wedding Reception

Good food plays an integral role in every kind of celebration, even more so on momentous events as weddings. No matter how stellar the venue or how great the entertainment is, the night won’t be truly memorable without sumptuous meals to fill the guests. London couples who are planning their wedding should take great consideration over choosing the type of dishes they would serve at their reception. The food, it’s presentation, and the quality of service should all be perfectly carried out on the couple’s special day.

A survey conducted by Brides Magazine shows that the average amount spent on catering is more or less £3,603, placing it as one of the most costly wedding essentials that couples need to splurge on. Couples will be spending more money on food over any other aspect of the wedding reception, so choosing the right London caterer is crucial.

Most wedding planners would advise that you book a professional catering service only after you have reserved a reception venue. Booking it nine to twelve months in advance will guarantee that your preferred caterer will make no other scheduled events on that date. That will also give you plenty of time to decide on the menu and table setup. When researching for potential choices, it would be a good idea to check the websites of catering companies beforehand to provide a clearer picture of the type of food they have to offer.

Interviewing the caterer personally and scheduling a food tasting day is important so that you know exactly what food items are in the menu you have selected, and whether the food combinations, indeed, suit your tastes in every way. While it is your wedding, it’s important to remember that your guests will partake of the feast, so take the time to make room for vegetarians and those with food allergies who will be constricted to eating certain types of food. It would show great consideration on your part to keep this information in mind when creating your wedding menu.

Some couples are quite keen on the food they want served for their special event. Even food choices after all, can capture a couple’s personality and tastes. Couples with clear plans about their food menu would do well to hire experienced London catering companies, such as Caiger & Co. Catering. Established catering services offer bespoke or specialized catering for big and small or intimate wedding events. Food choices can be customised to reflect the couple’s vision of their dream wedding.

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