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Creating a Wedding Reception Menu with Catering Companies in London

After the solemn, romantic moments typical of a wedding ceremony, the couple and the guests might have one thing on their minds: food. Aside from the let-loose festivities, partaking in a sumptuous feast becomes the highlight of the reception. Creating the perfect wedding reception menu should certainly be done with the help of bespoke catering companies in London to come up with memorable meals.

The season your wedding takes place can inspire your choices together with your personal preferences. Here are some ideas:

Winter Wonderland

Make the most of a winter wedding with advice from wedding magazine Bridal Guide. The featured article from The Huffington Post sums it up in two words: comfort food.

“A winter wedding provides the perfect opportunity to put a luxury spin on wintry comfort foods. Try hearty dishes like pasta, lasagna, casseroles and warm soups, but add a fancy twist with mini soup bowls and individual dishes. Also, get fun and creative with the dessert course and set up a hot chocolate bar or s’mores bar. Serve creamy eggnog cocktails and spicy mulled wines.”

Spring Splendour

Give your guest a dose of fresh flavours to match the splendid season of spring. Try a crab salad with wild watercress or bread with cucumber-infused salsas. Look for varieties of lamb or fish paired with an assortment of greens and beans. Ask your chef for desserts with seasonal fruits like caramelised apples and crepes.

Summer Sweetness

Be more candid and creative for a summer affair. Opt for light meals like canapés and chicken main courses. Serve ice cream, popsicles, and other sweet summer treats. Prepare classic cold cocktails and even unexpected mini drinks like ice cube shooters infused with lemongrass or vodka on ice.

Autumn Anticipation

Take advantage of autumn, the season for rich tastes. Choose meals that highlight spice like lamb koftas and roast or stewed beef. Dine in decadent desserts like tortes and pudding or even the recent wedding trend of breakfast foods with blueberry pancakes and mini French toasts.

Some of these ideas may seem unusual or even quirky, but they will surely treat the tingling taste buds of everyone at your party. With the help of an artful bespoke caterer in London like Caiger & Co., you can design a reception menu that balances your taste, the season, and the elegance of your special day.

(Source: 10 Reasons to Love Winter Weddings, The Huffington Post, February 8, 2014)