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Catering Companies in London Help You Feed the Homeless this Christmas

As December rolls in, the less fortunate often find themselves unable to celebrate Christmas. Whilst addressing this usually takes the form of donations (in cash or in kind) from businesses and generous individuals, some parties choose to take a warmer more heartfelt approach. An article from Essentially Catering Magazine highlighted one such effort:

How Can Catering Companies in London Help Feed The Homeless

National Homelessness Charity Crisis is calling on trained chefs, experienced catering staff and keen cooks to provide hot, healthy meals for homeless people at their temporary centres this Christmas.

Crisis at Christmas 2014 runs from 23 – 30 December, with centres set to open across London, Newcastle and Edinburgh. As well as warmth, companionship and hot meals, guests will also receive healthcare and specialist advice on housing, work and benefits.

The article described the previous year’s event, where more than 30,000 meals were served to nearly 4,500 guests─ a feat almost certainly meant to be reached or exceeded this year. Such generosity came at a time when more Londoners were relying on food banks just to feed themselves and their families; it had been reported that the average number of people fed by individual food banks had increased from 68 in 2009 to 850 four years later.

Everyone deserves a happy and memorable Christmas, especially in the way of warm, sumptuous, and nutritious meals. If you’re aiming to give exactly that for your less fortunate neighbours this holiday season, you can approach established catering companies in London like Caiger and Co. Catering to lend you a hand.

To get started, you’ll first need to determine your exact catering needs including the event’s date and time, location, whether the event is indoor or outdoor, and the expected headcount. Give them as precise a figure as you can for your budget and let them help you decide which of their menus will provide the most value for money. Unless you’re going for a buffet deal, you’ll also want to see the size of their food portions first-hand and taste-test them to be sure of the quality. Don’t forget to check for any applicable permits and licences as well as their adherence to food safety regulations.

As with many charitable endeavours, feeding the homeless and hungry this Christmas may seem like a tall order. With a professional London caterer helping you along, however, you can be sure you’ll give them (and yourself) a Christmas you’ll never forget.


Article and Image Excerpt from Catering Volunteers Needed to Make Christmas Happen for Homeless People, Essentially Catering Magazine