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Bespoke Catering Companies in London: What Makes One Top of the Class?

When looking for catering companies in London there are some very important decisions to make, because you simply need to have great food, presented with fantastic flair and style, professionally produced to the highest standard. 

What is it that makes a catering company notable? Is it having a loyal crew of talented and committed staff who love the job, and who are appreciated and rewarded? Perhaps it is having a supply of experts–from florists and mixologists to chefs and photographers–that is the deciding factor to sway you towards your dream catering team.

Nowadays it is a given that the best caterers use locally sourced foods, organic, and only from trusted suppliers. Preparing food to an artisan level of excellence using fully-trained chefs is essential.

Key Catering Decisions

As soon as the number of guests has been decided upon, there are a host of factors that need to be considered. A good catering company can make this a seamless and painless path by offering excellent options. The choice of venue is among the first things to be decided, and an experienced caterer with a good network can really help make this decision. Good catering companies in London know the venues, availability, numbers of guests that can be catered for, kitchen arrangements, and accessibility.

Menus need to be carefully chosen, and be appropriate for the season and the function. Finger food may be appropriate for some events and an absolute no-no for others. The time of day will largely decide if it will be lunch or dinner, but refining the choices into how formal, or how casual, requires expert advice and a vast amount of experience. The list goes on: will there be cocktails? Mocktails? Pop-up bars? The choice is yours.

Whether it is for a major conference, family wedding, or intimate lunch, all these factors need to be taken into account, and of course it must be done with panache and style. Quality, taste, and style must be foremost. You need an experienced caterer in London, someone like Caiger and Co, who have all the qualities needed to fulfil the most demanding of host requests.


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