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Banoffee Time….Looking for a recipe?

Banoffee Recipie:

Crush the packet of Digestives and melt 100g of Butter.

Mix these two together and press with a potatoe masher into the base of a lined cake/tart tin.

Place this in the fridge and allow the biscuit mixture to cool.

Next melt 100 of butter with 100 of soft dark brown sugar with 1 tsp of vanilla essence. Add into this syrup one 375g tin of condensed milk. Stir this mixture constantly until it has thickened enough to see a whisks masks in it. To test its consistency place a small blob on a forzen saucer, which will give you a ‘time window’ into how it will look cold. Alternatively drop a small amount into cold water. You want the blob to fold its form and become slightly solid but still malleable.

When happy with this, pour the mixture on to the cold biscuit base. Top with 2 chopped bananas and whipped cream.

Too serve grate some chocolate over the top or make some chocolate curl by dragging a sharp knife down the length of  a bar of chocolate.

Or watch this: and make some very fancy ones!

Then find a large spoon and dig in.