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Where to start with your wedding menu?

Where to start with your wedding menu? Catering for any number of people for a wedding is an expensive thing to do, so it’s really important that your choice of menu really works for you, your guests & the style of wedding you want.

The wedding menu can quite quickly become a fairly contentious thing, not least because everyone has an opinion on food & drinks, what to serve, what not to serve, what’s traditional or what’s too unusual. At the end of the day, the menu and service of food & drinks can encompass so many different things, that it is possible to offer a wedding menu that suits a variety of different tastes & expectations.

When thinking about what to offer for your wedding, it’s great to take inspiration from anything from your travels together to your favourite date night dinner. Some people are set on what they want for their wedding from the moment they’re engaged, but for most, some guidance on the kind of wedding menu to serve and what the options are, goes down a treat.

Helping you with ideas of what you could have for your wedding menu is when we really come into our own at Caiger & Co. A wealth of experience as well as an ear to the ground on current food trends, means that we are set up to guide you through the wedding menu planning from start to finish.

As we offer a bespoke service when it comes to planning for a wedding menu, we know that most people don’t want to choose from a range of set menus offering little or no flexibility on the menu they can have. We therefore like to take the time to get to know you a little bit & really take on board the ideas that you already have for your wedding menu. We also think it’s really important to be honest with you about what’s possible when it comes to your wedding menu, after all, what you’d cook á deux on a Saturday night might not work when catering for 150 guests in a marquee. This is our forte though & we can transform your ideas into something that’s in keeping with your vision, but that can also be executed really well to ensure maximum enjoyment of your wedding menu for you & your guests. Your menu ideas can never be too outlandish for us, and we thrive on making your wedding dreams come true!

Another big consideration when it comes to wedding menu planning is a variety of different dietary requirements or intolerances. Our advice here is to still plan for what you want to have, and it’s our job to be able to offer innovative alternatives for your guests where required, and where possible, we will always try to keep to the theme of the overall menu for these guests so that nobody feels fobbed off with a mushroom risotto when everyone else is sitting down to a Spanish tapas feast.

So get thinking and let us bring your wedding menu to life! #caigerweddings