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How Your Wedding Catering Can Make Your Guests Happy

How Your Wedding Catering Can Make Your Guests Happy

Your wedding is possibly the most important day of your life so far. You’re celebrating your love and commitment with all your friends and family. As well as being a very special day, it’s also an excellent excuse for a party. Your wedding reception is a chance to relax and to let down your hair after the ceremony. Before you get to the dancing, it’s traditional to sit down and eat. If you’re not stuck with the catering offered by your venue, you have an important choice to make. Your wedding catering needs to be carefully selected to contribute to your special day and make your guests happy. To make the process easier, here are some quick tips for designing your menu.

Pick a Theme

At Caiger & Co, we recommend choosing a theme for your food. While it’s not essential, it does make arranging your wedding catering a little easier. It can be hard to know where to start when you’re planning the food, and your mind might want to shoot off in lots of different directions. If you want to start pinning down some concrete ideas, choosing a theme can help you. When you think of themes, you might picture elaborate weddings based on 1950s Hollywood or Game of Thrones. But a theme can be as simple as a colour scheme or perhaps a season.

Start with Canapés

It’s easy to focus on the main meal when you plan your wedding catering. But everyone will be slowly filtering into your venue, perhaps with some guests coming from the ceremony and others from elsewhere. You don’t want them all to have to sit down straight away, so you offer them time to mingle. While everyone is enjoying chatting, they could also be getting hungry. Don’t leave them with rumbling tummies, especially if the drinks are already flowing. Get some canapés circling around the room so everyone can have a few small bites to satisfy them.

Offer Choices

When you plan your wedding, it’s probably the largest event you have ever had to arrange. Never before have you had to feed 50, 100 or maybe even 200 people. When you invite your friends and family from all over, you end up with a diverse group of people. That’s why ensuring there are choices for the food is essential. While two choices for your wedding catering (probably vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is a good start, a couple more options can help to make everyone happy. Make sure there’s something for your vegan cousin or your meat-and-two-veg granddad.

Formal or Informal?

It’s also important to think about just how formal your event is going to be. You can select different styles for serving the food. Your wedding catering might involve family-style sharing dishes to make it a social activity. Or you could have everyone’s plates delivered to them individually. If you think everyone might start to get peckish later in the evening, planning to bring out a buffet is a good idea.

Remember that your choice of food for the wedding is about your guests as much as it’s about you. Make sure they’re going to have a good time.