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Virtual Christmas Parties

If we were told back in January that the work Christmas party would be taking place in our own homes, we probably would have screamed. However, we didn’t know then about ‘Christmas In A Box’. Delivered to each team members house, ‘Christmas In A Box’ contains everything you need to celebrate together, even when you’re apart.

Ourselves and Evolve Events have called on our producer friends across the country and put together a hamper containing the best gourmet snacks, artisan cocktails, fun games & thoughtful presents. And, as Christmas is the time for frivolity, our friends at Evolve Events have put together a list of the most engaging virtual experiences that will give all your staff the opportunity to put work to one side and have some festive fun.

So, with a cabaret on in the background, a cold cocktail poured and some English cheese to nibble on- all within the comfort of your own home- it’s time to party!