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There are some things that we all know work together…….chicken & tarragon, pork & sage, apples & cinnamon, chocolate & orange to name but a few. But what about some other combinations? We love putting new things together in our kitchen & seeing if they work, how we can make them better and how we can incorporate them into our menus. We’re happy to admit that not all of them work, but here are some that we really think do & now we can’t get enough of them!

  • Banana & sea salt – our new thing is adding sea salt to the top of a banana cake. Sea salt & caramel isn’t a new thing, but we also love adding sea salt to our Banoffee cheesecakes, our canapé versions are particularly delicious! Or just as a snack, add a little sea salt to your peeled banana – go on, you know you want to!
  • Corn on the cob & vanilla salt – the sweetness of the corn really works with the addition of vanilla salt. We find it works best on the BBQ, so a perfect addition to your Summer menu repartee!
  • Strawberries & beetroot – apart from the colours looking wonderful together, these ingredients are fantastic in a simple salad. They also make a great savoury tart or cake

Make like Heston & try some of these out!