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Treacle Toffee Apples with Pecans

Alix Caiger was back at Borough Market on Thursday celebrating Bonfire Night!  She cooked up a storm with bonfire inspired demonstrations including Treacle Toffee Apples with Pecans, Smores Brownies and Pumpkin Soup!

Here’s the recipe her Treacle Toffee Apples with Pecans so you can make them tonight for Bonfires!

8 small eating apples (such as Cox)
200g glucose syrup

200g caster sugar
150ml apple juice
100ml treacle syrup

25g butter
1 tsp cider vinegar
150g chopped pecan nuts and chopped ginger

Clean the apples and set aside with lolly pop stick, twigs or forks in them so that you can dip them in the toffee.

Place the caster sugar, glucose and apple juice in a pan and bring to the boil slowly. Add in the treacle and butter and cider vinegar. Cook for 7–8 minutes until the toffee reaches 140°C. To check, use a sugar thermometer or drop a small spoonful into a bowl of cold water — the toffee should set instantly.

Remove from the heat and dip your apple in one by one, followed by the chopped nuts. Set to one side on a greased piece of baking parchment