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Tips on planning a more sustainable event

How to reduce your carbon footprint when hosting events…

After a year of cancelled parties and weddings, events are back on. But we all have a responsibility to keep our events as sustainable as possible. Here are some tips on where to start

Source locally grown, organic & seasonal food

The way we shop has huge implications on the planet. Locally grown food means less air miles, seasonal food requires less energy to produce and it’s going to taste better, and if you can, always go for organic or produce from regenerative farms. Choose a caterer that follows these principles and don’t be afraid to question their practices and ingredient sourcing.

Say no to single use packaging

Not including any single use items is a bold statement, avoid plastic water bottles, excessive plastic wrapping, and always opt for items that can be recycled or composted easily.

Hire or buy second hand.

Rather than buying a whole new set of crockery, there are some fabulous hire companies where you can choose from a wide variety of good quality plates and glassware. You can always go for second hand items-  vintage mix & match glassware and crockery looks stylish and avoids unnecessary purchasing.

Avoid food and drink waste

How many times have you gone for a dance at a party, only to return to find that your drink and plate have been cleared? Investing in coasters asking not to clear your place means that the caterers will know what to leave and what to clear. Plus, speak to local food banks before your event, to see if they can pick up any excess food waste.

Give a green wedding favour

Opt out of single use gifts and give a present that will keep giving. Maybe a flower bomb full of bee friendly seeds, or a donation in your guests name to your chosen charity.

Encourage car pooling

Put guests in contact with each other who could share a car, or look into hiring a bus, this can reduce your carbon footprint in comparison to driving.

Work with charities post event

Why not donate flowers after the event? If you’re london based contact the voluntary organisatin

Floral Angels and the team will recycle your event flowers and give to those in need in the community. (Floral Angels work is currently on hold due to Covid-19)

Strategically place recycling bins around the venue

Make it easier for your guests to recycle than not, make sure bins are well sign posted and the caterers and venue understand how important recycling is to you.