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Theme it in Style: Wow Friends with Fancy Dress and Even Fancier Foods

It’s long been said that staying in is the new going out. Yet a few well-known newspapers, such as the Guardian and the New York Times, once said that the dinner party was dead. Along came the idea, though not really a revelation, to theme it. Theme weddings, theme birthdays, or just a decadent theme dinner party – why not? Nothing beats dressing up in your fanciest outfit and be treated with even fancier meals, courtesy of wonderful catering services.

Theme it in Style

Is staying in still the new going out?

London plays host to just about every type of venue imaginable, including dining on a boat, barge or yacht. Theme party venues are prolific; choose anything from a speakeasy to a vault. But hiring a venue for a private party isn’t cheap. Add to that the cost of food and drink, and that special dinner party just got seriously expensive.

One idea is to not go out at all, but to stay in and theme it in style. There’s an abundance of London catering companies like Caiger and Co. Catering who can turn any private dinner party into a night friends will talk about for years to come.

A theme night with theme food
Whatever a London venue can do, a London catering service can do, it only takes a little bit of imagination. Choices of what theme to choose are varied and many. The type of occasion, if any, may dictate. But here’s a few ideas.

Inspired by P Diddy

P Diddy is as famous for his white parties in the Hamptons as he is his music. All the guests dress in white. The venue is dressed in white and, of course, the food is all white, including white pizza. White, for obvious reasons, might not be everyone’s colour of choice. People could opt for team colours, wedding anniversary colours, or seasonal colours.

An old favourite

People don’t tire of a good old-fashioned murder mystery. Think Murder on the Orient Express, or a 1920s theme complete with Martini and finger foods. Murder mystery games can be downloaded in minutes. Clues can be emailed to the caterers to hide in various dishes.

Give food a sprinkling of bling

If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your party, food sprinkled with edible diamonds is a great effect for an engagement dinner. And to drive the caterers completely mad, request that all the food is ring-shaped.