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Sustainability at Caiger and Co

The Chefs Manifesto aims to actively involve chefs around the world in helping to achieve SDG2 – Zero Hunger. In order to reach this goal, some of the key objectives involve sustainable sourcing, reduction of waste, the celebration of local and seasonal food and an overall effort to educate and inspire others to follow in the same path.

At Caiger and Co we strive to place sustainability in the art of bespoke and luxury catering at the top of our agenda. In doing so we ensure that all our ingredients are locally sourced from suppliers who honour the taste of each season, as we do. When sourcing more singular ingredients we seek to find companies that produce them in the most environmentally viable way, whilst incorporating the high standards of food we aspire to. This standard towards sourcing is not only applied to meat and fish but also to our vegetables. No ingredient we source should be overlooked or of less importance!

One way in which we endeavour to achieve this is by trying to significantly decrease the amount of food waste we end up with. We try to make every bit of what we produce count. Wherever possible we transform leftovers into a new culinary experience…whether it be fermenting lemon tops into a thick citrussy paste or dehydrating the stems of herbs to make some powerful powders.

Recycling is also a big part of our day to day routine, both with food and the materials they come in. We have adapted even the little details of each event by replacing them with something more environmentally sustainable. This covers anything from using paper straws instead of plastic ones to integrating products from local producers into our bespoke menus, to support the community around us.

We are passionate about actively involving the company in environmental campaigns that promote sustainability, even if it does make things that little bit more challenging! These include the Evening Standards Last Straw Campaign, Red Tractor approved meat and fish, and using Fairtrade products to ensure that our producers trading conditions and rights are better protected. It is with small steps like these that we hope to create a better future for food!