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Summer wedding

Despite the fact that we’re not known for our weather here in the UK, a summer wedding is still one of the most popular times of the year to get married. A glorious, but not too hot day is the Holy Grail when it comes to wedding planning, and we’re not surprised at all.

Planning a summer wedding offers endless opportunities for the type of venue & location that you choose, as well as everything from the type of dress to the food & drinks too. There’s of course absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a sumptuous pie with lashings of creamy mash for your wedding, but more likely than not, you might want to offer something altogether a bit lighter. 

We are huge fans of the summer wedding, not least because more often than not it means that we can get creative with options to do things inside & outside to really make the most of your wedding location.

Marquees offer a wealth of flexibility when it comes to what you can do for a summer wedding. You can go really trad. with a square or rectangular marquee, sides up or sides down (depending on the weather), and your guests will love being under canvas for your celebration, as much as you will for the flexibility it brings.

Go for something a bit different for a summer wedding in a tent with the really trendy big top, circus style tents or a series of huge yurts. These more modern tents lend themselves really well to theming, and we love nothing more than setting up some big fire pits which we incorporate into the planning for your summer wedding menu.

If you have some additional outside space for your wedding, then this is when we can really go to town. Setting up bars & food stations is the perfect way to kick off your wedding with drinks & food served to your guests on arrival at your venue.

A champagne, cava or prosecco bar set up could greet your guests post – ceremony, and we specialise in making our own seasonal shrubs, tonics & cordials to really make that fizz sing. So much goes so well with fizz, that the options for where to start with your summer wedding menu are endless, but we heartily recommend a stunning seafood or oyster bar to get things going. It adds a wonderful amount of theatre to your summer wedding proceedings, and a great talking point for all.

The trend for all things BBQ has meant a real shift in the type of food that people want to offer. Setting up some BBQ drums or Big Green Eggs for your summer wedding, again brings some theatre, but also a completely different style of food to consider for your wedding menu. Big prawns, hunks of brisket & our 24 hour marinaded butterfly lamb work fantastically, and show your guests that you mean business when it comes to your summer wedding menu!

So, go all out with your wedding planning & let us make your vision a reality. #caigersummerweddings