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Sublime Smoked Salmon from House of Sverre

House of Sverre supply the sublime smoked salmon for our menus, and we always receive plenty of comments on how great their salmon is.

A traditional smokehouse in London, House of Sverre produces handcrafted and sustainable smoked salmon.

Founder Gunnar Lieung grew up by the sea in Varberg, Sweden, and is a descendant of House of Sverre’s namesake: King Sverre of Norway, a founding father of Norway’s rich salt-fish heritage. Inspired by his sea-faring ancestry, and a desire to rekindle a relationship with his native habitat, Gunnar set out to create outstanding smoked salmon.

The process begins with the fish being caught in the Faroe Islands. It then arrives the next day in the UK, where it is hand filleted before a seven hour sea salt cure is applied. Finally, after rinsing, it is smoked for forty hours, using beech, juniper and alder woods. The result is a rich, smoky flavour that is unmistakably Scandinavian!

We are pleased to say House of Sverre will be providing the fish for our Christmas starter of smoked salmon, celeriac remoulade and watercress salad. Yummy!