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Scrumptious Strawberries

British strawberries are now in season! Although you can buy strawberries throughout the year, these are often imported and are picked slightly before they are ripe to keep them intact whilst they are transported. Strawberries don’t continue to ripen once they are picked so this often leads to them lacking in flavour when picked too early. Hence making us even more excited about British strawberry season!

The British berry season kicked off  this month with strawberries leading the way and you can find them in the shops now. To make things even better, due to advancements in varieties the British strawberry season now lasts for 20 weeks, whilst back in 1990 it typically lasted only 6 weeks.

The delicious scent the ripe berries give off has been wafting through our kitchen over the past weeks and we’re loving using them in an array of desserts we have been making for recent events. We have used them in everything from elaborate cakes to simple fruit salads and classic pavlovas and we’re enjoying adding new dishes to our repertoire each week.