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Salt of the Earth London

Good gut? Good luck!

This is what you might be thinking, especially when we’re constantly being told “this is good for you” or “this is a superfood”, and it always seems to be different. So how do you decide what’s worth adopting into your lifestyle?

Good gut health is achievable, and it’s well known to improve your overall wellbeing. It’s about forming different habits across your lifestyle, which hopefully means that it fits in with your life, rather than being an extreme or totally unrealistic as part of your daily routine.

Here at Salt of the Earth we feel quite strongly that working towards and achieving good gut health has really helped a number of us. We’re not preachy about it, and honestly, we’ve really enjoyed the learning & developing, not to mention tasting & trying, which has brought us to the conclusion that we can offer something really different to people keen to adopt some of the facets that go into good gut health.

So where to begin? Salt of the Earth will be offering the following as part of our new project, but we’re bespoke, so talk to us about what you might be looking for & how we might be able to support you, and we’ll always be happy to create something truly unique for you.

Salt of the Earth London consultancy


  • Review your existing menus to ensure they’re offering good gut options
  • Create event menus highlighting ingredients & types of foods that help to achieve good gut health
  • Want to offer your guests a totally different dining experience? We can help with this using our Salt of the Earth ethos & principles
  • Setting up a new venture? Our experience in setting up everything from production kitchens & staff training for health focused businesses is second to none


  • Why? Education, experimentation, networking & socialising aka FUN!
  • A different topic each month & working with the best suppliers / products
  • We can also create a private event based on this format at your chosen venue or at home
  • See us popping up at various festivals & events across the country too
Good Gut Brunches and Dinners
Salt of the Earth London products


  • Find our Salt of the Earth products on a shelf near you!
  • We will be focusing on the old use of tonics as medicinal cordials for watering down and / or mixing with drinks, using key gut health ingredients & principals

To find out more, please call the Salt of the Earth team on 07946243960 or email us at

Salt of the Earth –
Where have you seen us before?

Jasmine Helmsley – East by West

Project description: Recipe testing and development of the menu, set up and hire of staff and suppliers, kitchen operations

Example menu/dishes: Ayurvedic menu based on the core principals of ancient medicinal. Dishes included Jasmines signature golden spoons, sweet Ladoos to start the meal, followed by dals and health food winter bowls

Project outcomes: Pop-up café ran for three months in central London, including hosting a series of high profile events for clients like Tom Dixon, and Nicholas Kirkwood.

High Mood Food

Project description: Concept design of a gut friendly menu, recipe and menu design, production set up, staff and supplier sourcing.

Example menu/dishes: Probiotic vegcentric menu includes organic coffee, superfood lattes, homemade krauts and kimchis, breakfast Buddha bowls with miso, tempeh and turmeric fermented cabbage and set keffirs.

Project outcomes: A successful three month pop-up in Duke of York Square followed by the launch of their flagship shop on Duke street next to Selfridges.

Ossa Organic

Project description: Development of their product line with fermented beverages and unpasteurised krauts.

Example menu/dishes:  Signature Ossa bone broth kimchi: Napa cabbage, garlic, ginger, fermented chocolate habanero chillies.

Using beef bone broth to give this kimchi a rich flavoursome backbone. Combining the healing powers of the bone broth with the gut healing kimchi. Anchovy and Oysters would be a complimentary ingredient into this as well.

Project outcomes: Production training in probiotic procedures, and launch of the products including with large retailers like Ocado.


Salt of the Earth founders Alix Caiger & Jono Hope have been working together at Alix’s sister company, Caiger & Co. Catering for several years. Having found a joint love of all things probiotic, Salt of the Earth brings together all of their expertise & shared knowledge, ensuring that Salt of the Earth can offer a full service solution, a new style of consultancy & food innovation.

So how do they bring Salt of the Earth principles into their routines? Here’s what they have to say….

How do you achieve a balanced lifestyle?

Rest, activity and enjoymentAC

I achieve a balanced lifestyle by working with my friends, this way I can work every day and still socialise effectively. I manage to fit exercise into my work day by living as far from work as possible and cycling every day from Bow to North ActonJH

How can people make some simple changes to their diet in order to bring in fermented products easily?

Adding kraut into salads, drinking kombucha or a shot of apple cider vinegar. If you’re a vegetarian, swapping tofu for tempeh. Using apple cider vinegar in dressings instead of balsamicAC

Kombucha is by far the easiest culture to manage, get a Kilner jar, buy a SCOBY online or borrow one from a friend, make some tea and sing to your booch for 3 – 5 days ‘till it’s good and happy. Having said that, it is nigh on impossible to make your own kombucha sadly…..

If neglected the solution will only become more concentrated until it turns into vinegar. Have yourself a shot of Kombucha vinegar every morning and you will be flying!

Otherwise if you are mega organised and manage to tap off the kombucha before it’s too sour, bottle it and leave it out of the fridge for a few days to make a refreshing effervescent beverage.JH

Which 3 foods that will immediately help achieve a good gut?

A fermented drink like kombucha/kefir aid, kraut and kimchis + apple cider vinegarAC

Definitely kombucha, closely by sauerkraut and kimchi. Fermented vegetables are also easy to ferment at home. Remember, the more diverse your intake of probiotics is, the happier your stomach will beJH

Current favourite tonic that you’re working on?

A cleansing tonic with apple cider vinegar, wormwood, propolis, and walnutAC

English apple + ginger for sure. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a real life apple tree, make yourself a homemade apple beerJH

Does working in food make it difficult to achieve balance when it comes to diet & good gut health?

No, if anything it makes it easier. Supporting the good gut bacteria means you are better prepared for eating at random times, as well as sometimes for the more unusual ingredients! You also have higher energy and good health to combat the demands of the industry! AC

Having food constantly available does make it difficult to eat set meals regularly, it’s always easy to excuse yourself with the fact that you must taste everything for quality control, but somehow the quality of brownies always seems to be chief concern, above the romaine or iceberg lettuce quality! I try to keep myself on track by ensuring that I start the day well with a good breakfast of gut healthy ingredients, and that way it’s a bit easier not to fall of the wagon later in the day!JH

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