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Salt of the Earth Eating

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our sister site ‘Salt of the Earth Eating’.  Over the past four years we’ve focused on creating bespoke menus using the best artisan suppliers however, as we all know, moderation is the key to everything.  Restaurant style food, whilst delicious, can’t be eaten everyday so with this in mind and with the help of Alix Caiger’s sister, Poppy, we’ve decided to launch our sister company which will explore the other side of the catering industry: healthy, clean living foods.

Salt of the Earth Eating focuses on the need for good, healthy, ingredient focused meals.  This doesn’t mean we substitute taste for health but that we substitute traditional sugar for natural and simple carbohydrates for complex.  Our food is a balance, it is packed full of flavour nourishing you from the inside out keeping you full and satisfied.

Our menus are designed for everyone to enjoy – rather than subscribing to strict paleo, gluten free diets we aim to provide a range of different healthy nutritional options.  Of course, just like Caiger & Co. we can create bespoke menus so if you want something different just let us know.

If you want to keep up your New Year’s Eve healthy resolutions but not compromise on taste or enjoyment then go straight to our website.