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Picking the Right Drinks for Your London Catering Event

When planning an event, think about what the people are going to drink. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate dinner, wedding, or bar mitzvah. One oversight that most people make when putting together an event is thinking too much about the food and disregarding the drinks.

Catering is about the beverages as well. It doesn’t help much when you have canapés and caviar for guests but fall flat on the drinks. London catering companies provide bespoke menus with drinks to match the occasion as well as the food. Here’s how to make the right drink choices.

Find The Right London Catering Companies To Provide The Best Drinks

Right Drinks for an Event

First off, match the drinks to the occasions. Some drinks are better suited for particular events. For instance, wine would be perfect for a corporate dinner or business lunch. The gentlemen would appreciate some smooth scotch. If it’s a wedding, you can have a little bit of everything, and of course, champagne to add some flair. A hen night would go very well with martinis, tequila, or mimosas. Speak to your caterer and find out which drinks they recommend for a particular occasion.

Pair Drinks with Menu

Selection of the drinks to serve to your guests should be after considering the menu as well. Wine is the most popular choice that people add to event menus. The thing with wine is that it is a safe choice, and it goes with just about everything. Whether you are serving a lobster dish or vegetarian pasta, wine will complement very well.

If you are going to have cocktails for guests, find out which ones will blend with the menu. The point is to have drinks that bring out the best in the food and push the flavours. When hiring London catering services, such as Caiger And Co. Catering, make sure to ask about the drinks that will suit the bespoke menu.

Know the Guests

Understand the guests you are catering to when making the drinks selections. Know that people have their preferences when it comes to drinks and food pairing. For instance, some people will prefer beer over wine at a wedding. Look at the demographics of the guests. Older people prefer more traditional drinks like scotch and brandy. Younger guests may prefer more exotic selections. It doesn’t hurt to have some classics as well like Martinis, Cosmopolitans, and Manhattans, too. If there are children on the guest list, juice and milk are nice considerations.

When serving the drinks for an event, ensure that you provide non-alcoholic drinks as well. People like to pace their alcohol intake with a glass of juice or sparkling water. You can also have a signature drink for your event.

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