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Pick Your 2018 Summer Party Menu

As the days start to get longer and we move slowly towards spring, thinking about the summer becomes more and more tempting. We might not always have the best weather in the UK, but it’s better than the cold and dark of the winter months. If you want to throw a party, whether it’s a personal or corporate event, the middle of summer is the perfect time to do it. Getting the menu right for your summer party will depend on a range of factors, such as whether you want your event to have a theme. One of the things to think about could be some of the food trends for 2018 and how to make them super summery.

Grown-up Soft Drinks

A summer party needs to kick off with some drinks to welcome everyone and keep them happy while they’re waiting for their food. More adult soft drinks have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Even some of the big brands are getting involved now, with Robinsons bringing out a range of grown-up squash flavours. But your party can surely do better than some jugs of squash. There’s everything from Fentimans or Fever Tree soft drinks and mixers to some fun mocktail ideas you could try out. Soft drinks don’t need to be childish, and drinks for adults don’t always need to be alcoholic.

Food Inspired By Hawaii

If you’ve been keeping your finger on the foodie pulse recently, you will no doubt have heard people talking about poke. The raw fish salad is a Hawaiian favourite and has been getting more popular elsewhere. As can be expected from an island state, there’s plenty of fish and seafood to be had from Hawaiian cuisine, as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. For a summer party, choosing food from a place we often see as tropical and summery could brighten things up. Poke bowls are a great place to start from because you can put almost anything you want in them.

Even More Local Food

Local, seasonal food is something we’re passionate about at Caiger & Co. For your event this summer, we suggest getting even more local than ever before. Food from the same country or region is one thing, but how about food that’s literally from just down the road? Who is making the best cured meat in your community? Where can you pick up the best eggs within 20 miles of your location? As well as sourcing from local providers, foraging has become a big thing too. Could your event feature a menu made only from foraged ingredients?

South American

Most people have had something approximating a Mexican meal, but it’s not as big a thing in the UK as it is with Mexico’s neighbours, the US. It could be time for Central and South America to really have their time in the spotlight. Peruvian food has made an appearance in some newer restaurants and has proved to be popular. Latin American food fused with Japanese cuisine is fun too, and can be found in Brazil, Mexico and Peru. Fusion food is a fun idea for a summer party, especially if you can’t choose just one cuisine.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the summer. If you can’t wait for the sun to come out, start thinking beyond the barbecue to create a great event now.