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One potato, two potato, three potato, four….

Here at Caiger and Co towers we love Jersey Royal new potatoes. They are currently in season, but it is a short lived season, so enjoy them while you can.  The reason they are truly unique to the island is due to the fact that Jersey slopes from north to south, thus benefiting from large amounts of sunlight during the growing season.  The soil is also well-drained and nutrient-rich thanks to the locally collected seaweed that is used as a fertiliser. All that combines to make some truly wonderful veg that has been grown on the island for over 130 years! It is only about twenty farmers on Jersey who yield them and then export 99% of them to the UK – lucky us!

Besides being unique to Jersey, the Jersey Royal enjoys EU protection of designation of origin in a similar way that France was granted sole use of the word ‘champagne’.

The additional bonus is that they are a good source of fibre and vitamin C!  Enjoy them garlic roasted or in a warm salad with chicken, spring onions and aioli.