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Oak chips, bay leaves, lemon rind and tea smoked trout

We smoked trout using oak chips, bay leaves, lemon rind and tea for a wedding this week.  The outcome was amazing and the process smelt amazing!  Smoking your own fish gives a completely different product from ones that you buy pre-smoked at a supermarket.  Smoked mackerel, which is normally thought of as incredibly oily, is transformed into a delicate offering of pale slivers of pearlescent fleshy meat that fall apart easily to touch.  Smoked trout is often thought of as very similar to its close cousin, smoked salmon, and both benefit from being home-smoked.  Like with mackerel smoking it yourself produces a more delicate flavour with less of the overtly aggressive fishiness and oiliness of shop bought smoked fish.  Choose what you decide to smoke your fish carefully as if you choose something too overpowering it will take away from the gentle flavours of the fish.