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It’s National Pie Week!

You know how much we love our ‘national weeks’, and 7 to 13th March 2016 is National Pie Week! Sweet or savoury; shortcrust, filo or puff pastry; lid or no lid, we are a nation of pie lovers with apparently 75% of people enjoying  a pie at least once a month.

I think that pies often get a bit of bad press though – too dry, not enough filling or burnt pastry, which given how much of an institution they are, is a real shame. In terms of catering, for a long time, serving a pie wasn’t seen as particularly creative or inspired, but I have seen this change over the last couple of years as people turn back to simple food done really well with fantastic ingredients. So we are proud to be part of the pie revolution!

Pies also offer a fun way of serving food at your event. Imagine a glorious pie sitting in the middle of the table, ready for your guests to dive in. It’s fun and it’s a talking point, not to mention delicious.

We have also seen a trend for gourmet pies over the last few years – the pork pie, a traditional pie from Melton Mowbray, has even been given elevated status with a trolley at London’s Berners Tavern. It sounds wonderful, we’re hightailing it there as soon as we can.

Did you know…….? The pastry on a pie was never really meant to be eaten, it was really just a vessel to hold the meat whilst it cooked & then it was thrown away, basically it was inedible. Difficult to believe these days having tried some of the butter laden pastry out there.

Tell us what your favourite filling is – chicken and leek or steak and ale? Apple pie or mince pie? We’d love to see your pictures – tweet us @caigerskitchen #nationalpieweek