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Nasturtiums are in bloom!

We’re slightly obsessed with Nasturtiums at the moment otherwise known as Tropaeolums or more commonly known as edible flowers. Nasturtium literally means nose twister or nose tweaker. It is a cruciferous plant that produces an oil which is similar to that of watercress.

Nasturtiums have circular leaves and orange, yellow or red flowers. All parts of the plant are edible and as such the flowers are great for decorating dishes. The flower buds and seeds can also be used to produce a condiment by dropping them into spiced vinegar. This is sometimes used as a replacement to capers.

Nasturtiums are currently in season and we are enjoying using them, along with other varieties of edible flowers, to decorate everything from summer salads to bowl food and desserts. They are beautiful and are brilliant for adding colour to dishes as well as a slight peppery flavour!