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Mulled Cocktails and Mocktails


We’ve got some great ideas for Christmas party cocktails that are a little different and promise to wow your guests – we’ll be giving you some of our ideas over the whole month of December so stay tuned.  This week we’re covering the mulled section of Christmas party drinks.  Remember not to leave the teetotallers out in the cold – make sure you have plenty of interesting non-alcoholic drinks to choose from for them too!


White Mulled Wine

If you fancy something a little different from the usual mulled wine why not switch red for white wine?   Add some light cider, elderflower cordial, lemon, vanilla and cinnamon for a lighter alternative with the same warming christmasy effect.  Put all the ingredients in a pan and gently heat before ladling into mugs to serve.


Winter Pimms Punch

We all think of Pimms as a classic British summertime drink but why save it just for summer?  Add some brandy, apple juice and cinnamon sticks for a Christmas Pimms Punch with slices of apple and orange.


Mulled Apple Juice

This is a great non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine – ideal for entertaining kids, drivers or teetotallers!  This recipe is really quick and easy, simply simmer some apple juice with strips of orange peel, cinnamon sticks and cloves for about 5-10 minutes.  Sweeten to taste and serve with an orange peel garnish!