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Mastering the Careful Balance of an Evening Wedding Buffet

Putting on a wedding buffet can seem like a tough task, especially if you also have the challenge of organising a wedding breakfast for earlier in the day. You can even get confused about when you should have a buffet in the evening and how much food you need to put on for your guests. Getting the balance right is important if you want to delight your guests and give them enough to keep them satisfied, without offering so much food that most of it is wasted at the end of the night.

When Do You Need an Evening Buffet?

Even the question of when to put on an evening wedding buffet isn’t always easy to answer. If you’re not having a buffet for your main wedding meal, you might be unsure about whether a buffet is necessary later in the evening. Is everyone going to be hungry again as the party continues? Whether or not your evening event needs a buffet will depend on a few things, such as when your sit-down meal will be served, and whether you’re inviting evening-only guests. Guests invited just for the evening are likely to expect something to eat, and you don’t want to make your guests go for hours without eating.

How Much Food Do You Need?

Knowing how much food your wedding buffet needs is another challenge. If you work with the right catering company, they will help you get the numbers right, so that you don’t overdo it or leave your guests hungry. Avoiding food waste is important, but you also don’t want grumpy guests who haven’t had enough to eat. If you ask wedding planners and caterers, many will say that you should cater for around 75% of all your guests. Keep in mind that not everyone will be hungry, and many people will just nibble at a buffet. But consider how many of your guests were present for the meal during the day, and how late the party will run.

Put Out Food on a Theme

Coming up with wedding buffet ideas is easy if you work with a caterer who is full of creativity. Together, you can create a buffet that will keep your guests happy and offers a range of flavours, going beyond the simple offerings of sausage rolls and scotch eggs. You might even want to consider a buffet on a theme, perhaps to match the wider theme of your wedding. Working with Caiger & Co, you can create a delicious buffet using locally-sourced ingredients.

Cater for a Range of Requirements

A successful wedding buffet has food for everyone. So when you’re planning what to serve, don’t forget to consider any dietary requirements. Check with your guests to make sure you can cater for all of them, from vegetarians and vegans to people with allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. Make sure that there’s plenty of choice for any special dietary requirements, and not just one or two items on offer.

Your evening buffet could make or break your guests’ enjoyment at your wedding. Get it right and it could be a wedding to remember.