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Make an Impact with These Event Catering Ideas

It’s not as easy as you might hope to plan an event that your guests will remember. If your goal is to put on an event that everyone will still be talking about in weeks or months, you’re going to have to do something special to make it stand out. Event catering is always key in making things memorable, so it’s worth spending plenty of time on creating the right menu. A run-of-the-mill menu might get some compliments on the night, but it’s unlikely to stick in anyone’s minds. You need to do something different if you want to make an impact.

Serve or Display in a Novel Way

The first impression your guests will get, after reading what’s on the menu, is a visual one. That’s why the display and presentation of your food matters. Before thinking about how it might look on the plate, you can consider the method of serving. If your event is fun and casual, you might have people serve themselves. Beyond a simple buffet, there’s the option to allow people to put their own meals together. For example, you might have a cupcake decorating station. Not even fine dining has to mean that everyone is served individual plates at their table. There can still be interactive and playful ways to present your food.

Try Something Unusual

People who attend a lot of catered events or are used to going to restaurants will get used to seeing the same ingredients and flavour combinations. If you want to wow them, you need to think about how to do something different. Even if you’re working with local and seasonal ingredients, you can introduce people to something they’ve never had before. You can also look for more exotic and diverse produce from elsewhere, but it’s not all about the ingredients. Trying out different combinations of flavors and methods of cooking will also result in interesting takes on the dishes everyone knows.

Take Inspiration from the Local Area

The world around you can be fantastic inspiration. At Caiger & Co, seasonal and local ingredients are put front and centre in many of our menus. Showing your guests that the food you serve is inspired by and sourced from the local area is sure to delight them, especially in some circumstances where the event has a local connection. If you’re putting on a community event or perhaps a corporate party for a local business, your event catering can reflect your care and passion for the area.

Check the Latest Trends

Not everyone wants to offer trendy, modern food at their event, but sometimes it’s the perfect choice to please your guests. Consider your crowd and their tastes to work out whether it’s the way to go. Keeping up with the latest trends in food and event catering can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to just copy what other people are doing. Fortunately, food trends don’t change too quickly, so you don’t have to worry about something going out of fashion from one minute to the next.

If you want to make an impact on your event’s guests, think about how you can do something different. Choose a catering company that can turn your food into an experience, and not just a plate of ingredients.