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Planning A London Wedding

A London wedding is a thing of beauty! Yes, sometimes you can’t beat a stunning countryside location for your special day, but there’s something really romantic about a London wedding in our opinion. A London wedding brings with it a wealth of possibilities from historical venues or well – known London landmarks to hold your ceremony & reception in, to a fleet of black cabs driving over the famous bridges to get you there. We love the idea of a London wedding, and at Caiger & Co. we can help you make your wedding everything you want it to be.

Your choice of venue for your wedding is really good place to start. For a London wedding, you can have the option of everything from a palace or a secret garden to a brewery or the London Eye! We can work with you on any of these special options, and will always ensure that we’re advising you on what’s possible within your chosen venue – this could be to maintain any restrictions put in place by your venue (quite often the case with some of the historical venues or galleries) to bringing in a full kitchen to make sure we can execute your chosen menu perfectly. We work closely with a number of London venues too, so we’re always on hand to make recommendations for your London wedding venue based on our experience.

Food is obviously our forte when it comes to planning for your wedding. Perhaps if you’ve chosen a certain style of venue, e.g. a market setting or a brewery there will be some key things to match with the food that you want to serve. We’re happy to suggest menus that fit in with your venue for your wedding, which could be anything from using beer from the brewery to create dishes for the menu or sourcing particular products from the market for your London wedding menu. This level of creativity means that your wedding will be really bespoke and allows you to consider lots of ways to make your it totally London!

London is also famous for lots of food & drink based recipes, dishes & products. If your wedding has a bit of an East End feel, why not go all out with a typical London wedding menu consisting of eels, pie & with some gorgeous green liquor? London Gin as the name suggests, is also now world famous, and we think that offering your guests a selection of London gin cocktails for the reception or a refreshing gin sorbet for dessert, is the stuff of perfect London wedding dreams.

We can’t contain our excitement about the prospect of a proper London wedding, and we can work with you from start to finish on everything from the location for your wedding & the menu to reflect your venue, to specially created cocktails and a London themed table plan.

Get in touch with us in order to start planning your London wedding. #caigerinlondon