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London Catering Essentials – Fundamentals of Food Presentation

Hiring catering services for an event in London will accomplish a lot. For one, an expert will also know how to present food properly. It may seem inconsequential to some, but food presentation is paramount particularly at big events.

If it’s a business dinner, corporate event, wedding, or birthday party, the presentation of food will create a lasting impression. You may splurge money on the best dishes, but your guests may still be left feeling unsatisfied because the serving was shoddy. Here are some presentation basics to consider when hiring a caterer.

How London Catering Experts Presents Food On Your Event

Serving the Occasion

Adapting to the occasion is one of the first considerations. A caterer will look at the type of event and pick a style that is suitable. If it’s a wedding, then the presentation should suit it. It should be lively, cheerful, and inviting. If it’s a kid’s birthday party, then it’s all about fun. A corporate event or business dinner, on the other hand, will tend to be serious.

The Dinnerware

The presentation is about the dinnerware. The plates, glasses, and cutlery you present your guests will matter immensely. Plates should be sparkling clean all the time as should the glasses. Smudges on water glasses, for instance, will ruin the presentation. Using the right ware is also very crucial. London catering companies like Caiger And Co. Catering know which plates should serve the risotto, which spirit bowls to use for individual dishes or the ramekins for dessert. The dinnerware will also depend on the sort of event you are planning. Of course, you wouldn’t use china at a kid’s birthday party.

Garnish or not

A professional caterer will also decide whether to garnish or not. Some foods look better with garnish, and a caterer will know which ones. It is hard to pull off a lovely garnish, and that is why it requires caution. You can consult your caterer to find out if they are serving dishes that would look good with garnish.

Matching Food Portions

Food portions are also crucial when serving food. The portion of food should be in proportion the plate size. Small plates with too much food on them look messy and unappealing. London catering experts will make certain that the serving is proportionate and presentable.


Another food presentation fundamental is to know when to serve the food. Even with the best presentation designs, serving food when it’s cold will kill people’s appetites. Communicate with your caterer about an event’s programming for them to know the right time to serve your guests.


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