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London Caterers Share the Latest and the Most Sumptuous Trends in Food

The year is almost half over, and there’s no better way to look back at the past half-year than to look at the trends in food that caught the attention of folks everywhere. Looking for meal ideas for your next meeting, gathering, or party? Look no further, for London caterers can give you menus based on this year’s sumptuous trends in food, from vegetables to meat.

Vegetables and Healthy Food

Health remains to be one of most people’s top priorities, and while kale might still be around for a while, dishes with cauliflower have been all the rage this year. Those who are beginning to grow tired of the taste of kale can now turn to cauliflower, once regarded as unfashionable and lacking in flavour. With its various benefits to your overall health, more importantly its anti-inflammatory properties and its low carb content, cauliflower makes for a great alternative for meat in steaks and potatoes for mashed potatoes. Dishes made of cauliflower could be almost anything, like steaks or even couscous.

Aside from cauliflowers, fermented vegetables, like Korea’s trademark kimchi, and root vegetables, including celery root and parsnips, rose to fame this year in the vegetable category. Moreover, seaweed, which has been used before in soups and stews to improve its umami quality, has moved from becoming a staple ingredient for sushi and stews into becoming a main ingredient for healthy green salads.


Most high-end fast food restaurants that opened by the end of last year offered an array of lobster dishes, something that Londoners loved and embraced enthusiastically. From lobster rolls to lobster muffins, this seafood had not only captured the hearts and the stomachs of folks from London, but also became popular in Norwich, Manchester, and Cardiff.

Meat and Steaks

Meat dishes will never go out of style, though you might be seeing less of the crowd-favourite bacon in the days to come. Instead, Italian pork products, including guanciale (Italian cured pork cheek or jowls), pancetta, and ‘nduja (a spreadable sausage made from a pork’s shoulder, belly, and jowl mixed with peppers and spices), have won over the hearts and appetites of food aficionados around London.

These current trends in food can hopefully help you decide in selecting the dishes you wish to bring and present to your next gathering or party. When these dishes are cooked and prepared by top London catering companies such as Caiger and Co. Catering, these servings will definitely leave your guests wanting for more, making your party one for the books.


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