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Leeks…..not just for St. David’s Day!

Yes, it may have been the leek’s finest hour yesterday with St. David’s Day, BUT we’re here to remind you that the mighty leek is in season for a little while yet! A versatile vegetable, leeks are related to garlic and onions but have a much sweeter yet more sophisticated flavour.  Leeks work well with potato in soup or cheese in a gratin or with chicken in a pie to provide comfort food in the winter.  When buying them,  it’s best to go for small to medium rather than large as they are more likely to be tough.

We love them & in honour of the patron saint of Wales, we made sure that we kept our kitchen team topped up with leek & potato soup yesterday. If you’re thinking of soup for your party, we have created some fantastic soup shots for canapes, perfect served cold for a refreshing hit at a Summer party. We’ve also come up with some innovative ways of serving soup for sit down events, rather than just arriving with a bowl of soup for each guest, we’ve made it into a centrepiece with some ‘wow’ factor & theatre to go with it. Yes, soup is a lunchtime staple, but it can also be interesting for your event too. Ask us!

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