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Kitchen Love

The warmth in the air is making us summery in the kitchen, and our ferments are progressing a double time with all of the warm weather as well!

We do a lot of preserve making, fermenting and pantry stocking as part of our kitchen prep. Some of this gets done at quieter times, but as the spring and summer produce comes into season, we have to make hay while the sun shines!

Fermentation is an amazing way of preserving food, as well as providing your gut with a great does of pre and probiotics. News on gut health and fermentation seems to be everywhere at the moment, but we hope you are listening, as its not only great for you but its delicious as well!

Things we have been fermenting at the moment include our own pineapple vinegar, cardamom and coconut rhubarb, turmeric kraut, and yellow kimchi.

Loquat purees are being made and bottled for nespole blinis, as well as rhubarb syrups for negronis and gin fizzes.

The possibilities are endless!

To enjoy sampling some of these, check out our seasonal menus or get in touch for something special.