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Jerusalem Artichokes

Weirdly Jerusalem artichokes have no link to Jerusalem and aren’t related to artichokes.  They’re also not the prettiest member of the root vegetable world – don’t let this put you off however as they are deliciously nutty, slightly sweet and one of the best heart-warming vegetables around at this time of year.  On top of this the humble Jerusalem artichoke is also inexpensive and versatile enough that it can be used raw and cooked.  It’s also full of inulin (linked to good intestinal health), vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and a good source of iron!

Our favourite way to eat Jerusalem artichoke at this time of year is to blend them into a soup.  Roast them first and blend with chicken or vegetable stock, some cream and fresh horseradish.  Why not hold back a few or the Jerusalem artichokes, slice them thinly and fry them off to make Jerusalem artichoke crisps – like a vegetable crouton.