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Free Meal Gains—Why Have Your Caterers in the Office More frequently?

More and more companies have recognised the power of food in boosting employee motivation. Among those giants who generously provide free and healthy employee lunches are Facebook, DreamWorks, and Google—the latter even having spent over $70 million on free meals at one point. But what exactly makes food a top employee perk?

Free Meal Gains—Why Have Your Caterers in the Office More frequently

From the psychological point of view (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs), food, as a basic security need must be satisfied first before a human can comfortably transition into more achievement-related endeavours. Simply put, your employees can focus more on fulfilling their tasks if they’re entirely free of basic concerns, such as food. Moreover, free meals make employees feel you care about their well-being, and as the reciprocity principle suggests, they’ll feel more compelled, if not obliged, to return the favour.

Another reason to have your caterers in London drop food in your office more often is that free meals would allow them to eat more leisurely, instead of spending a great deal of time queuing for fast food. Take it from Google UK: if you encourage your employees to spend more time together during these free meals, they may come upon ingenious business ideas you can use for projects. Not only that, but free meals come with tax benefits, too. According to, meals freely provided for employees within the business premises or in any canteen (not necessarily run by an employer) are considered as non-taxable benefits.

Take note of these tips to maximise your gains from free meal perks:

  • Time it properly. Perks often diminish in value if they’re provided routinely. Use free meals as a reward for good work done, e.g. they hit a target figure. Also consider, holding a mini-party for monthly birthday celebrants, newly promoted employees, retirees, etc., or get-togethers before everyone goes on a long season holiday.
  • Buffet is great. Buffets allow your employees to choose their food and their desired portion. It’ll also give you a clue on the best items to order the next time.
  • Be considerate. Some employees may be left out because of health issues and personal beliefs so think through this before you pick your menu.
  • Hire a good caterer. Your caterer must deliver freshly prepared food on time and ensure they’re arranged presentably. Also consider variety; your employees would certainly expect something new each time. Bespoke catering companies in London, such as Caiger And Co. Catering, have extensive menus you can explore online.

Multiple studies have already shown how food can influence the way people perform their jobs. Use food perks strategically so you won’t give them ‘entirely’ for free.


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