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Food as a Celebration

November is a month full of celebrations around the world: from the Day of the Dead on the 2nd in Mexico, Bonfire night in the UK on the 5th, to Diwali on the 11th and Thanksgiving on the 26th.  One of the things all these festivities have in common is the focus on light and bringing people together through food and celebrations.

The idea of food as a celebration and an activity that brings people together is as old as time, it transcends culture, religion and geography.  Here at Caiger & Co we think this is the most inspiring aspect of working with food and working within in the food industry.  We’ve come a long way from cavemen sitting around a fire but the idea of coming together through food is still the same.  Whether you’re going to a restaurant with friends, hosting a party, going to a client lunch or having a family evening meal we think that the premise that food is the uniting factor in each scenario is pretty amazing!  With December and Christmas round the corner the focus on food and togetherness is growing even more meaning that the hospitality industry is gearing up for the busiest month of the year.  Here at Caiger & Co. we are extremely excited!