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Fermented food

Fermented food and drinks are becoming more and more common on restaurant menus and in supermarkets. It makes us really happy that the benefits of including these types of food into your diet are being recognized.

Alix Caiger has been an advocate for the health benefits of these foods for a while…here she discusses her relationship fermented foods.

Q. When & why did you first get interested in gut health?
I had had bad IBS for almost 8 years, and hadn’t got a huge amount of support from the doctor. I then started getting into more preserving recipes for work. To add creativity to our menus and help us deal with food waste. And the more I read the more I realised that this could help me.

Q. How has learning about your gut changed your cooking?
My pallet has definitely adjusted to want more sour items. I try to incorporate fermented and pickled items in our menus for balance and flavour. In my personal cooking I love to eat fermented food and drinks regularly.

Q. What is your favourite ingredient to ferment?
Carrots, golden beetroots and preserved lemons

Q. What is the most adventurous thing you have fermented?
watching Jono make Krispy Kreme koji was pretty out there last week!

Q. Can you tell us about Kultured?
I set it up with Jono. We really wanted to run a bar that championed UK made spirits and wines. On top of that we made all our own mixers. Fermenting different kefir waters to go with the English gins.

Q. What kind of gut friendly dishes are on the Caiger menu?
We have loads of items! From our own kombucha vinegars, preserved lemon, kimchi’s and house pickles.