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Event Tips and Tricks

As we approach the busy wedding season, the months of weekend-ly trips out into the countryside, perpetually hungover Mondays, and making sure you don’t wear the same dress twice for the same people becomes a regular concern.

For those who are planning their own wedding – making it that little bit more special is more important. So from us here at Caiger and Co, here are some event tips and tricks from our luxury wedding planning team:

  1. More is just not more: We know party planning can be stressful, and the temptation is always to go over the top to impress. However nothing ruins a wedding, or event, more than too many gimmicks. From serving food in various different household containers and vessels, to having a bar menu of 75 different cocktails, we just tend to get carried away with our own ‘big day’. So instead of bamboozling your guests with a treasure hunt through the marquee to find the clue, to solve the puzzle, of where their seat is, why not keep it simple. A few classic charms can do the trick, and you will save your guests the headache, as well as your wallet.

Examples of great weddings we have done in the last year, with incredible party planning additions included the amazing jazz bands or kettle drums for the receptions, or how about including an oyster bar as well as canapes! Styling ideas for this year include gold and copper cutlery, earthen wear dishes and natural look pottery tones.

  1. Sharing is caring (and more sociable). One thing that has now become as commonplace at weddings, is sharing platters. If you wanted something to really add to the vibe of casual rustic dining, you so sorely want to achieve, then sharing platters is the way to go. As luxury wedding caterers we get asked for these more often than not now, which is great as we love doing then! Sharing platters will ease everyone into the table plan, make chat flow more quickly and easily, and as a bonus make the tables look spectacular!
  2. Too many chiefs not enough Indians. Having one person who oversees everything; florists, DJ’s, marquee company, steel band players, oyster shuckers, face painters, balloon animal maker, magician (yes, actually happened) will make your wedding day so much easier. The best advice we as party planners can give to a bride who would like as stress free a day as humanly possible, on her wedding day, is to pass over the organising hat on the day to someone else. The people you hire, have been to a million of these things, seen all the things that could go wrong. As luxury wedding caterers that is what we are there for, so make sure you ask us about all the ways that we can help, and what amazing suppliers we have that we can book for you!