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Edible Easter Gifts

I love Easter, and not just because it’s a great long weekend! It’s the beginning of Spring and there is some really great produce out there. Jersey Royals will be hitting the shelves, and although they make wonderful salads of all kinds (one of my particular favourites is with fennel, cherry tomatoes, dill & a little olive oil / garlic), they really are just wonderful with a some butter and a little parsley sprinkled over the top. A great accompaniment to any fish dish and lighter than the casseroles and stews of the Winter months.

It also won’t be long before the short asparagus season starts and lovely English strawberries will be making an appearance too – so make the most of them when you see them!

It’s Easter though, and that means we can talk about chocolate! I like to make my own Easter chocolate, and they really are much simpler to make than you would think & so satisfying too. I give them as gifts each year, and also do something similar at Christmas as well

Here’s a really easy recipe, so do give them a go – I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how creative you can be.

110g 70% dark chocolate broken in to pieces

50g of chosen ingredients (candied orange, crystallised ginger, brazil nuts, dates with marzipan centres, marshmallows)

1) Melt 70g of 70% Dark chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water.

2) Once melted remove from the heat and add in 40g of broken dark chocolate. Stir to mix in. The aim of adding the chocolate to the already melted chocolate is to reduce the temperature which should (fingers crossed!) make it glass when cooled!

3)Now for the fun part! Dip in any of your chosen  ingredients, and allow to cool on baking parchment. Alternatively stick a cocktail stick into the ingredient, use this to dip the chocolate and then stick he end into a potato and allow to drip dry. This will result in no flat edges when the chocolate dries!