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Easter – what’s everyone else eating?

Easter is just around the corner already, and a great excuse to get together and celebrate with family and friends over delicious food.  Hot cross buns, simnel cake,  and legs of roast lamb– the long weekend is a fantastic reason to get in the kitchen and cook up some of my favourite recipes.

Across the world special dishes are eaten – in Italy, they have Colomba di Pasqua – a candied peel-stuffed cake that is often shaped like a dove.  In Greece they eat Tsoureki, a rich brioche like bread often decorated with hard boiled eggs dyed red to symbolise the blood of Christ; and in Mexico they celebrate with Capirotada, a spiced Mexican bread pudding filled with raisins, cinnamon and cloves.

If you have a house – full, don’t forget that we are here to help you with drop – off catering, ask us for more information on this.

Whatever you are eating and wherever you are, have a wonderful Easter!