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Dry January

We are well over half way through January now, and for those of you who have made it through the hardest part of the year without alcohol we congratulate you!

Drinking less as a life lesson is in the zeitgeists. Many of the young are drinking less, and those of us that a slightly older (!), are cutting back. Gone are the days of University nights and days with cheap booze and bad food, instead the focus is on gluten free, dairy free and low ABV.

Well it isn’t all dreary news!

Not only are there exciting options like Seedlip on the market, but the number of restaurants and cafes making their own sodas, shrubs, and serving kombuchas are on the rise. Options for those of us not drinking used to be refined to fizzy drinks and water only. Being relegated to the child’s section of the menu is a little less than tempting, when a good bottle of red or a glass of fizz is the second option.

This stands true also for events. Having an epic soft drink which quenches the thirst and welcomes your guests to the event is key. From watermelon and mint juice on a hot summers day at the wedding to a cool glass of cucumber, celery and fennel shrub with pink peppercorns.

Don’t just think about choosing a great wine, also think about pushing the boat out and going for a drink as bespoke as your event for those who are looking for something a little more refreshing than a glass of wine!