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Deliveries Done Right

Even before lockdown started, you may have noticed that we don’t just do events! Like so many other sectors, the current situation has shaken our industry.  However, by delivering meals and produce boxes across London and beyond, we have been able to continue cooking. With everything from freezer suppers to BBQ boxes, to beautiful fresh produce packs with milk, eggs and amazing fruit and vegetables from Sussex, we’ve covered it all. And let’s not forget the birthday cakes… Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating in lockdown!

It is our mission to continue serving our loyal customers with delicious & healthy food during this challenging time.

We’ve been collaborating with other small businesses too…Teaming up with Puff School of Baking has been a lot of fun! We have been supplying Puff students with ingredients for their 8-week online course. We love seeing the results, so keep your baking photos coming. We are incredibly lucky to be working with Janine, Head Baker at Rye by the Water. We think she’s the bees knees, and the feedback on her pastries and bread shows you agree!

We also want to continue to support our local community so have been hosting the ‘Snacks for NHS’ campaign in the Caiger Kitchen. Using the donations so generously given by you all, Sophie and Poppy have been supplying London hospitals and care homes with snacks for frontline workers.

Finally, it’s always an honour to support the work of the Refettorio Felix Community Centre at St Cuthbert’s.  We’ve been dropping off supplies for them, so they can continue feeding those in need during this challenging time. They are in constant need of fresh produce, you can find out more and how to donate here

A core Caiger team remains working; maintaining our relationships with venue managers, clients and event planners. We are working on quotes for 2020/2021, so please do get in touch if you have any questions.

As always, keep safe, be kind and thank you for your continued support. We cannot wait to see you all around a table or dancing in a field again- fingers crossed, very soon!

Keep up to date with the changing menus on our Instagram and other social pages, or email to find out more.