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Creating a Wedding Menu That All Your Guests Will Love

Your wedding is your special day, but it’s not entirely about you. The happy couple are the guests of honour, but the point of the wedding is to celebrate with family and friends. So when you’re planning everything, you need to keep your guests in mind. You want them to have a good time, and you definitely want them to enjoy the food. The food is what many of them will remember after the party is over, but only if it’s good enough (or completely terrible).

How do you make all your guests happy, so that they’re talking about the food at your wedding for years to come?

Provide Several Options

If you want to design a wedding menu that your guests will love, start by giving them some options. They’re unlikely to all want to eat the same thing. You could offer choices in a couple of ways, including having a few choices for different courses, a selection of set menus or perhaps a buffet. The options you offer up should be different enough that they’re all distinct dishes so your guests have a real choice, even if your menu is built around a theme. You might have a meat dish, a vegetarian dish and a fish dish, for example.

Cater for Dietary Requirements

Taking care of your guests also means making sure they definitely all have something that they can eat. Many people have different dietary requirements, whether through medical necessity or choice. Make sure that you ask your guests to tell you about dietary requirements as soon as possible so that you can make arrangements with your cater. You might want to create a menu that everyone can have, rather than choosing to have separate options to meet people’s dietary requirements.

Avoid Strong or Polarising Flavours

In your quest to create an exciting wedding menu, you might want to do something a little different. However, you should be careful that things don’t get too experimental. You might have some guests who are happy to try anything, but others may not be so keen to try something new and unusual. A creative caterer can help you put together a menu that avoids all the usual wedding fair and has flavours that everyone will love. You can have an inventive and unique menu without alienating anyone with strong or polarising flavours.

Make It Fun and Unique

You can have so much fun with the food at your wedding. Creating your wedding menu doesn’t have to be just another chore in a long list. Not only do you get to explore all your options, but you can enjoy some great tasting sessions too. If you want a fun menu, think beyond the conventional sit-down meal. You might want to make it more interactive and even turn dinner into a show. Something like a hog roast could be fun, eye-catching and memorable.

It’s not easy to cater for a big group of people and make sure that they’re all happy. With the right caterer, at least you can get your food right.