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How Catering Works


How Catering Works

If you’ve ever attended a gallery opening, bridal shower, book signing, rehearsal dinner or even a school function, you’ve probably had a catering experience. When you attend an elegantly appointed wedding reception or a plated fund-raiser with food as tasty, if not tastier than the local dining hot-spots, you almost definitely have a catering team to thank.

Catering seems pretty straightforward and simple: You cook some food and serve it, right? That is the basic idea, but there’s more to it. A whole lot more.

First, let’s consider what defines catering today.

Food is definitely the star in the catering world, but it’s only one part of the equation. Chef Joel Dondis of Joel, a full service catering and event-planning company located in New Orleans, Louisiana, agrees. Like many catering companies today, Joel includes full event planning. As catering companies have moved toward the full-service, event-planning model, the focus has morphed.

It’s not that food is no longer a focal point, but rather that it is part of a broader mission. Dondis suggests that catering is about satisfying all the senses, thinking beyond the meal, making sure that the menu is as bespoke as the event so that we stand out, and so does your event:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste


From flatware to flowers, lighting to linens and tables to tunes, everything should complement the food to create a unified overall experience. According to Dondis, continuity is a key. You want every aspect to be in sync with each other. For example:


  • Does the venue fit the occasion, climate and group size? No matter how lovely the surrounding gardens, you need to be bale access them even if its raining!
  • Does the menu fit the occasion and tastes of the group? For a retirement celebration, where the retiree is getting ready to embark on a 6-month sabbatical in Spain with her spouse, tappas stations would be an inspired idea.
  • Does the decor suit the venue and event? White linen, china and crystal stemware might not be the most appropriate table setting for a casual, pool-side barbecue reception. Festive prints, such as blue and white checked tablecloths and matching napkins with plain glass plates and mason jars might be a better fit.

Catering for London and Beyond.

If you are looking for a London catering company that can add the instant wow factor to your event, look no further. As one of the leading catering companies in London, it is our mission to ensure that your event runs smoothly and you can rest assured that our professional staff will take care of everything.

We can create bespoke menus for the following:

  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Private Parties
  • Christmas parties

If you would like more information on us then as a London event caterer we are here to help. Please do call and ask us for our expert advice, we always enjoy a challenge!