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Catering Kitchen Time

So last weekend we moved into our new catering kitchen. The tables, oven and fridges arrived and were unpacked. We then spent the weekend moving and readjusting the positions of oven trays, bottles of soy sauce, shelving units and tea cups. I cant tell you how proud I am of the space, and all I have done is unpack into it!

We did our first 3 jobs in it this week and it worked a treat. A whole gaggle of chefs working, having fun, and producing as always some amazing food. We did tastings, canapés, breakfasts and a dinner, so if thats not a test of a new space I don’t know what is! We finished the week with a fantastic job last night at ‘Farleys Prop Hire’.


Surrounded by amazing vases, tapestries and pictures we sent out canapés, bowl food and desserts out on an array of amazing vintage Louis Vuitton cases, 18th century books and velvet cushions. A great ‘hurrah’ for our first week in a new unit!

We will also be renting this space out. So if you are interested or know of anyone who might be do let us know. You can get in contact further to discuss kitchen rental via email: