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Caterers in London Reveal Secrets to Cut Expenses on Wedding Catering

The cost of food and beverages in your wedding reception accounts for almost half of your wedding budget. While it is imperative to serve good tasting food, is it wise to spend so much on wedding catering? Caterers in London show clever ways for you to cut back on expenses without sacrificing the quality of food and services.

During Cocktail Hour

Passing it by hand is a good way to distribute pricy seafood appetizers like scallops and shrimp. This way, guests consume fewer pieces and prevent food excesses. You can also ask your wedding caterer for less costly alternatives to help you maximise your budget.

Serve big platters of colourful salads to show generosity without spending too much. You can also use broccoli flowers and radishes instead of cucumber slices and carrot sticks. Add in different flavours of dips and cut the vegetables into different shapes to make it more interesting.

Skip the pasta and carving station if you have pasta and meat on your main course or side dishes. You’re not only saving pounds but you’re also helping your guests save some room for dinner.

On to the Main Course

If you’ve already served cocktails, do a three-course meal instead of five. You can eliminate or combine two courses together like salads and appetizers to help you save on ingredients and preparation. Also, consult your caterers about ingredients that are in-season so you can decide on a menu based around them.

Dress up your entrées and sides with elegant plating to make the meal look more expensive. You can also fill out the menu with staple food like potatoes or try something different like risotto instead of spuds.

Cutting on Cake and Desserts

Stick to the basics when it comes to cake. Choose regular flavours and keep to a less labour-intensive design to save on costs. Though a five-tier cake would be nice, an elegant three-tier cake could still work.

Skip on entertainment desserts like chocolate fountains since your guests would be too busy having fun to notice it anyway. You can also go with bite-sized desserts to control portions and save a third of the price of a complete desert buffet.

London catering companies like Caiger & Co. Catering offers bespoke catering so you can make your own delicious menu that matches your budget with their professional help. Count on them to help you make your wedding feast unforgettable.

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