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Burning Passion of Catering Companies in London on Cooking, and Service

London plays host to an enormous number of high-level events, dinners, and functions, as well as private parties, cocktail parties, weddings, and similar celebrations. To fulfil these widely varying needs, catering companies in London focus on gourmet cooking and service.

Catering Companies in London Excel Their Passion on Cooking and Service

Bespoke Catering

“Bespoke Catering: Your Vision, Our Expertise” is the motto of Caiger and Co. Catering, one of the top-notch caterers in London, who specialises in luxury events and functions. This reflects the philosophy behind the dedication to perfect service, which includes personalised services and gourmet menus that are compiled according to the client’s wishes.

Dinner or Buffet

For important events, weddings, corporate functions, seasonal parties, banquets, and high-profile evenings, a complete sit-down dinner is the usual option. For less formal events or parties, a buffet is perfect. A self-service buffet, where loaded plates get taken to large round tables, together with fine wines and fine conversation, always works well. Cocktail parties, or informal soirees, are often characterised by fancy drinks and equally fancy finger food, which catering companies in London provide in a wide range of forms and flavours.

Catering Staff

Skilled teams and experienced catering staff make big corporate events and dinners, or intimate suppers for two, run smoothly. Event staff members include: chefs, cooks and assistants, cocktail staff and bar tenders, waiters and waitresses, and even florists and photographers. It is also possible to hire just a private chef for an evening, or to take delivery of the prepared food and do the rest yourself.

International Cooking

The core of catering services is, of course, the food, and there is something for every taste and preference. English country cooking is popular for dinners/buffets, whilst French cuisine lends elegance to an evening. Italian food is always popular, as are (from further afield) Thai cuisine and Japanese sushi-based menus. Some gourmet chefs also offer their services on a private basis.

Organic and Vegetarian

The request for organic, ethnic, vegan and vegetarian dishes has grown rapidly, and the dishes available are keeping up with demand. Many caterers in London propose this type of menu, which now goes far beyond just variations on tofu.

Whatever you need—fancy canapés, dinner for 200 guests, ethnic curiosities, a French chef for an evening, complicated cocktails that go beyond sangria, or home-made traditional English cooking—you can get it all, and more, from one of the established caterers in London: Caiger And Co. Catering.