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Bespoke Dining: What Luxury Means for Catering Companies in London

Bespoke simply refers to products and services being made-to-order, each made unique as its patrons are. London’s famous tailors on Savile Row, for example, produce bespoke suits for fastidious clients, as an amalgam of British haute couture and class. There is a sense of exclusivity, elegance, and of course, luxury in bespoke, as an article on points out:


Bespoke stems from creating something truly unique for an individual, something that will not be duplicated in the future.  In terms of garments, bespoke comes from being able to select everything from the fabric to the cut to the colour to the finish. The price says the rest. This is not custom-fit; it is custom-built.

Bespoke is not only about clothing. Select luxury brands cater to the discerning consumer in every industry.

The derived value of a bespoke luxury product increases manifold because it resonates with individual tastes, choices, ideas and needs rather than popular trends or accepted standards. Bespoke is a custom-built product, but it will only take on the aura of bespoke luxury if it gives you true value and perfectly complements your personality and style.

Bespoke luxury is simply not about appearing extravagant or actually being expensive. There is the added preference for individuality, aside from being deemed the finest. Today, bespoke luxury has made its way into varied products and services. The bespoke concept these days applies not only to clothing but to London catering companies as well.

Bespoke London caterers, such as Caiger & Co. Catering, provide personalized services that adapt to different types of clients. The events they plan, the food they serve, and the services they offer evoke a sense of luxury. Only the finest food, ingredients and wares are used for a variety of occasions, from private dinner parties to corporate functions and even weddings.

For bespoke caterers, it’s about maintaining the client’s vision and high-end tastes while letting them do their job. Menus for events are designed to order after an initial meeting with the clients. Some caterers may suggest menu choices to help the client decide but they would still be prepared and cooked to fit the event and the client’s preference.

Even the ingredients of bespoke catering are chosen from the finest producers and local suppliers. Everything, from menu planning to food preparation, has to blend well to produce an extraordinary affair.

Think of a bespoke caterer in London as the culinary equivalent of a bespoke tailor on Savile Row. It’s fine-dining, meticulously planned, and exclusively packaged just for you. If you are planning an event that requires bespoke catering services, look no further than Caiger & Co. Catering.

(Source: Bespoke Luxury: What Does It Mean? Agence Luxury, March 27, 2014)